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Bankruptcy Attorney Pacific Beach CA

Serving the legal needs of Pacific Beach residents since 1994, Law Offices of Mark L. Miller has filed over 10,000 bankruptcies right here in San Diego. Our team of attorneys is always available to guide you through the bankruptcy process. We have filed thousands of personal bankruptcies, we have the legal issues and paperwork down to a science. Our law firm has been referred to as a “well oiled machine” - because we seamlessly lead you down the path to financial freedom.

We offer two types of Bankruptcy in Pacific Beach San Diego:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy literally wipes out your debt from credit card bills, personal loans, medical bills and more. It also protects your personal belongings so you don't have to fear losing what you own. Chapter 7 offers you the fresh financial start you are longing for. Imagine being debt free, how different your life would be! We take pride in assisting our clients all the way through the bankruptcy process and look forward to helping you become debt-free and seeing the smile on your face once your case is discharged.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is powerful. It can save your home, vehicle, wipe out your second mortgage, and in some cases, your student loan debt. Chapter 13 is also beneficial if you owe money to the IRS. Once we file a Chapter 13 case, your consolidated debt will be restructured into affordable monthly payments.

Our law firm is conveniently located in Old Town, San Diego, serving the Pacific Beach area and surrounding cities. We are located just off the 5 freeway: exit Old Town Avenue and head towards Old Town, turn left on Jefferson Street and you are here! Our firm is easy to find and we enjoy offering fresh chocolate chip cookies once you arrive!

We offer free consultations since every bankruptcy has its own set of facts. Once we meet and go over your individual concerns we will offer you advice backed by years of experience. Often new clients come to our law firm in distress due to their individual circumstances. The good news is that they leave feeling as though the weight of the world has been lifted off their shoulders. They feel confident that they are in experienced hands and trust we will relieve them of their debt.

You are welcome to call or stop by Law Offices of Mark L. Miller anytime. We look forward to serving your legal needs now and in the future. Think of us as your personal attorneys. Our firm has been in Old Town, San Diego for over 20 years, so you can count on us to be here when you need us. Experience matters so give us a call today!

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