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Chapter 13 in San Diego

Debt Relief - General Information

Are you:
  • About to lose your home in a foreclosure sale?
  • Behind on your car or house payment with the threat of repossession or foreclosure hanging over your head?
  • Facing a large tax bill because of interest and penalties which keep adding up?
  • Unable to make the regular monthly payments on your credit card bills?

  • If so, then a Chapter 13 reorganization Bankruptcy can be a very powerful tool for you. It can be used to stop a foreclosure sale, allowing you to catch up on missed mortgage payments and keep your house. In addition to stopping the foreclosure process, a properly filed Chapter 13 may eliminate your 2nd mortgage. For more information click here: SAVE YOUR HOME

    Chapter 13 will stop the foreclosure process!

    You can also use it to refinance your auto loan. We do this by cramming down your car payments to pay off only what your car is worth, not what you owe on it. For example, if you owe $15,000.00 on your car and your monthly payments are now $355.00, we can reduce your monthly payments to $161.00 if your car is actually worth only $6,500.00. Additionally, we can also lower the interest rate on the loan down to 10%.

    You can also pay off back taxes through your Chapter 13 plan and stop interest and penalties from accruing on your tax debt.

    A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can save your home, your car, get rid of your second mortgage, pay off credit cards, pay off old taxes and more. It is a lifesaver! Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops a foreclosure immediately, lets you remain in your home and gets you into an affordable repayment plan to catch up on your mortgage payments. Another advantage is that you can include your vehicle payments in your Chapter 13 plan which often lowers your monthly car payment. Chapter 13 has consolidation power because you combine all of your debt including credit cards, porperty taxes, income taxes and medical bills into one set monthly payment.

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy has many advantages over debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is not a legal process so your creditors are not required to agree to any proposal you make to lower your payments. To the contrary, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legal process through which the bankruptcy court orders your creditors to accept your plan payment. Imagine the ease of combining all of your debt into one fixed, monthly payment so you can keep your home, your vehicles and get rid of unsecured debt. No longer will you have to juggle bills and try to remember to make each of your monthly payments. Don't worry, your plan payment is based on an amount you can afford!

    Bankruptcy rules vary from court to court. Bankruptcy law comes from the federal Congress and is meant to be uniform across the country. But when disputes arise about the bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy courts make the decisions--and they don't all decide the issues in the same way. The result is that bankruptcy law and practice vary significantly from court to court and from region to region. That’s why it is important to find an attorney who is very familiar with how the Bankruptcy courts operate in your particular area. If you live or work in the greater San Diego area and have questions about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, why not call Law Offices of Mark L. Miller. We will be happy to schedule your FREE no obligation initial consultation to answer your questions about Bankruptcy. Your free consultation with an attorney takes only about 60 minutes and isn’t your financial future worth 1 hour of your time?

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