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Chapter 7 in San Diego

Do you find yourself:
  • Unable to pay more than the minimum on credit card bills?
  • Without a job to pay any of your bills?
  • Taking money from one credit card to pay on another?
  • Facing huge medical bills, taxes or child support payments?
  • Late on your house or car and risking loss of the property?
  • In a divorce and you must pay part or all of the debts?
  • Paying on your credit cards but never getting ahead?
  • Unable to help your family because of your debts?
  • Feeling like you work for Visa or Mastercard?

  • If this describes your life, then most likely Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the right solution for you. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start by eliminating those debts you cannot afford to pay while allowing you to keep all of your property. Once these debts are wiped out in Chapter 7, you will never have to pay them.

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will:

  • You Do Not Lose Any of Your Property
    In 99% of the Chapter 7 cases, the person filing Bankruptcy keeps all of their property. Bankruptcy law is not meant to punish you and allows you to keep your property under what are called "exemptions" (things you get to keep). You keep your car, your house, your jewelry, the boat, your clothing, everything!

    Stops Creditor Harassment:
    Once you have filed for protection under the bankruptcy laws, your creditors are required by law to stop all collection activity against you. No more telephone calls demanding payment, no lawsuits, no wage garnishments and best of all, no more debts.

    Your Bankruptcy Case:
    A Bankruptcy case is like a lawsuit to get rid of your debts. Once it is filed, your Bankruptcy case will last approximately 4 months. During that time period, the only thing you will need to do is attend one court hearing, approximately 30 days after the case is filed. Our office will explain what happens at that hearing and prepare you for your appearance and examination in court.

    If there is any single qualifying factor for filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, it is that all of someone’s income is spent on their monthly expenses. As you can imagine, for most people this is not a problem.

    Types of Debt:
    Unsecured debts, such as credit card debt, personal loans, money judgments and certain taxes are wiped out in a Chapter 7. However, certain debts are not dischargeable under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; these debts include, but are not limited to, most student loans, certain taxes, alimony and child or other court ordered support payments.

    If a debt is secured by property, such as a home mortgage or an automobile loan, then you get to decide how to handle that debt. For example, you could (1) keep the automobile and the debt (as long as you are current and continue keep your payments current) (2) "redeem" the automobile (pay it off at its current "fair market value") or (3) return the vehicle, include any balance due in your bankruptcy and pay nothing further on the vehicle. The choice is yours. Our office keeps you in the "Driver’s Seat". You make the decisions, not your creditors.

    Law Offices of Mark L. Miller will provide pre-petition planning to assure you the highest level of protection available. More than 99% of our clients KEEP EVERYTHING AND LOSE NOTHING. Our office can achieve this by careful pre-petition planning and by taking advantage of the special exemptions allowed you by law. If you live or work in the greater San Diego area and have questions about Bankruptcy, why not call now? We will be happy to schedule your FREE - no obligation - consultation to answer your questions about Bankruptcy. Your Free consultation with an attorney takes only about 60 minutes and isn’t your financial future worth 1 hour of your time?

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