Feedback From Our Clients

Words cannot express how great this office is! All the staff members are extremely nice, helpful, and caring. Mark Miller is also one of the nicest person I had the pleasure of meeting. He truly cares for all his clients and everyone he meets. This office is not just some corporation that treats you like a number or "case" but treats you like a real person. The family feel of the business is what I enjoy the most and the loving environment. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of legal help or advice should give them a call or drop in.

Rebekka L. LA Jolla, CA

My Parents were having some legal/financial issues so I sent them there after being assured by the staff they were knowledgeable in the help I needed as well as no consultation fee was necessary. I accompanied my parents, met Mark, and within minutes my parents were satisfied with what they were being told regarding their issues and possible bankruptcy, they hired Mark on the spot. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner as we were told as well as the favorable outcome and final bill. No Surprises other than how fast and efficient everything was handled. I have had many friends and family in need of professional/reasonable legal representation and the Miller Legal Center has been there for them with whatever legal issue has come up handling it all. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Luis M. San Diego, CA

I have worked both in the past and in the present with the Law Offices of Mark Miller. Both he and his staff are very honest, genuine and hard workers. I have used Mr. Miller's services personally for small law matters to his area of expertise Bankruptcy and Personal Injury... all with positive results for me... I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Mark Miller.

Paul M. Escondido, CA

Bankruptcy is never considered the highlight in anyone’s life but I couldn't have asked for a better experience. A lifelong friend used them & highly recommended them to me. Larissa is awesome!! Mark is so funny. Everyone is super helpful & accommodating. I ended up getting some kind of special they had going on in the summer of 2013 so even though they were one of the cheapest law offices already (and takes payment plans!!), no one could even come close to the price I paid. It’s been so worth it & I've recommended this office to anyone I come in contact with.

Clover E. El Cajon, CA

I absolutely love the offices of Mark Miller. Mr. Miller was a referral to me. I got a chance to speak to him on the phone and he has to be the nicest attorney in San Diego. He was very comforting regarding my financial situation. I went into his office today and met with Attorney Larissa Lazarus and boy was I impressed! She was amazing, likable, attentive, informative, wise, and helpful. I see now why everyone loves them. They have definitely earned by business. I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you

Ashley M. San Diego, CA

Having to file a bankruptcy is scary, expensive, and embarrassing. I was given Mark Miller's telephone number from a friend. I spoke with his associate, Larissa Lazarus. I took their advice and went to talk with them. What an office! Ms. Lazarus made me feel relaxed. No pressure whatsoever. She was very informative and very willing to help me. They gave me all the information I needed. I was even surprised I could make payments. Why put off the inevitable. Bankruptcy will give you some peace of mind and a clean slate to life. These people are the ones to see. I wish I would have done it sooner. Thank you to everyone in your office.

Debbie H.

Attorney Larissa Lazarus,
Filing bankruptcy is a scary and embarrassing situation; however everyone at Mark Miller Law offices made my husband and I feel comfortable! They understood that we are good people and just having unforeseen financial issues. We were able to purchase a home 2 years after our BK was discharged and able to purchase a brand new vehicle at a low single digit interest rate! This bankruptcy has allowed our family a fresh start and no more scary trips to the mailbox or harassing phone calls because we are now debt free!

Tiffany H. Chula Vista, CA

Mr. Miller, Larissa & Legal Team,
Thank you for the outstanding work in the handling of my legal cases; the bankruptcy, the 2 personal injury cases, one large, one small. You really have been a full service provider for me. I found your firm, expert, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend your firm to others.

Leslie C. Escondido, CA

Mark Miller & Staff:
Bankruptcy is a difficult experience. All of you were very sensitive to our situation and worked in a very professional way to make us feel comfortable. We knew we were in the hands of true, caring professionals.

Thank you for your help, Rolland H. San Diego, CA

Mr. Miller & Staff,
I know this is long overdue, but a simple thank you doesn’t seem quite enough for all you have done for me and my wife.

You and your staff raise the level of excellence and professionalism that many (if not most!) attorneys could learn from. A million thanks to someone in a million people.

Sincerely, Marshall H. San Diego, CA

Dear Mark Miller,
I received the letter that my bankruptcy was discharged. I want to thank you and your staff for going the distance for me and helping me get my life back on track without such a burden.

Thank you again, Jean R. San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Miller,
You and your staff were so wonderful to me through this very embarrassing time of filing bankruptcy. Thank you for all your kindness and encouragement.

Sincerely, Mary D. San Diego, CA

Mr. Miller,
When I first came to you regarding a bankruptcy, you told me I should relax and leave everything to you.

You made my bankruptcy so easy. I really appreciate all your time, trouble and help.

If anyone I know needs legal help I will be very happy to recommend you.

Thank you so much. Etta C. San Diego, CA

Dear Mark,
I wanted to take a moment and drop you a note to describe to you the experience I had working with you and your company. On November seventeenth I walked into your office with $22,000.00 worth of debt that I would not be able to pay off in my lifetime. Sometimes people do not realize the debt they are acquiring until it is too late. I wanted to try and pay it all off by obtaining services from a debt consolidation company. Needless to say that was a big mistake. I am very pleased to say that because of you and your company, I feel like I have started my life all over again. I feel free. Your advice, patients, and professionalism was the best I have ever experienced. Now I can finally be able to realistically think about my future and the dreams that I have for myself (i.e. house, car, travel etc.), and I owe it all to you. Thanks again for giving me my life back.

My sincerest thanks and best wishes, Gary P. San Diego, CA

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