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Dealing with Financial Struggles: You Are Not the Only One

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If you are drowning in debt, you are not alone in fighting these financial battles. Bills pile up and you owe a lot of money, seemingly to everyone! The pressure is unbearable. Lost sleep, family fighting, pinching pennies and constantly worrying how you can possibly make ends meet...

Financial failure should not be an option, and no one should have to experience it. Debt is the #1 reason for family problems and divorce. The constant stress and financial uncertainty can also affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. You most likely feel alone, as if you are the only person in the world dealing with financial and debt problems. However, you are not alone in fighting bills and debt.

The truth is that most working-class Americans are barely able to keep themselves financially afloat. Those who are surviving barely do it by the skin of their teeth! Most of us are a mere two or three paychecks away from poverty, homelessness and financial ruin. Additionally, Americans tend to have empty bank accounts after paying bills each pay period. This is a harrowing situation, but the Law Offices of Mark L. Miller has both solutions and a plan to get you out of debt. Hope is here!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Away from Financial Scams that Promise Help!

Remember, the wolf is ALWAYS at your door!!!!!!!!!! Many “schemers” offer to settle your debt, or *magically* reduce your bills. Most, if not all of these offers do not work! Searching for a remedy to your financial problems will unearth offers, schemes, and proposals that are too-good-to-be true. Be forewarned, as many of them look legitimate but are, in fact, scams. These “Credit-Card-Cooperators” are NOT helpful and will often put you in a worse financial position. Anything that looks like a quick/temporary fix is exactly that. Remember that a bankruptcy discharge is permanent and wipes out debt. For example, you might find some “quick” financial relief through a Pay-Day Loan (God Forbid!) third-party lender, but end up repaying a relatively small amount of debt for the rest of your life! Interest rates on Pay-Day loans also tend to be triple-digit interest rates (900+%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). The interest rates on these loans rack up fast, swamping you in more debt and more interest, thus creating a debt you cannot afford to keep; one that far exceeds the original amount.

Also, beware of any credit card company or debt collector that seems to want to help. These guys make money when you are in debt by offering deals that ARE too good to be true!!!!!! (Caveat Emptor- Let the Buyer beware!!!!!) These debt collectors would rather keep you in debt forever. When a credit card company offers to come up with a new payment plan that “works for you,” it is often a scam. Do not be surprised if it only asks for you to pay whatever you accrued in interest. The rest will remain and build up interest once again. Also look out for the “Roll Into” loan, whereby the bank wants to make a very large loan to cover all the little ones. Shifting around your debt to consolidate payments does NOT reduce the debt!

Bankruptcy Is the Best Answer for Most People

Bankruptcy is YOUR Constitutional right, and it allows people to either wipe out and walk-away from all their debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, or, if you can afford it, consolidate debt and pay it off with affordable payments over time. Oftentimes, it's interest-free!!!!! Bankruptcy is now used by rich and famous people to organize and streamline the debt OUT of their lives. While the word itself may seem intimidating, set your misled expectations aside and work with an experienced lawyer, because bankruptcy really means “financial freedom”!!!!! At our office, you will always get to meet with an attorney. Most people are excited to meet with an experienced, 20+ year bankruptcy lawyer who can explain the procedures, the alternatives and the risks associated with wiping out debt!!

Depending on the Chapter of bankruptcy you file, you can eliminate most or all of your debt, or restructure and setup an affordable plan to deal with the bills. Best of all, once your bankruptcy case is filed, the bankruptcy Court automatically “freezes” your bill collectors. Once this has happened, no creditors can contact you, sue you, or harass you. The bankruptcy case protects your assets and blocks bill collectors’ efforts to sue you, make collections, garnishments, or even harassment. No telephone calls at all hours, no wage garnishments, no lawsuits, and the harassment stops!!!!

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