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Stop a Foreclosure by Reorganizing Payments

If you’re facing foreclosure, or are too far behind on house payments to sleep at night, it may be time to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. By reorganizing your current debt payments, you can lower your monthly payments to amounts you can afford. The San Diego foreclosure attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark L. Miller have helped thousands of clients file for Chapter 13 relief. Our experience dealing with creditors, banks, and bankruptcy courts gives us the understanding to help our clients obtain relief.

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Make House Payments Affordable Again

When housing prices drop, house payments stay the same, leaving you paying on a house that isn’t worth the price. When those payments become unaffordable, such as from loss of a job or a disability, the situation can become unbearable. Bankruptcy is an effective tool for financially distressed homeowners. Filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 stops lenders from foreclosing and gives you the time you need to repay mortgage arrears.

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides some instant relief, including:

How to Get Rid of a 2nd Mortgage

If you are considering walking away from your house because you do not have any equity in the property, this might be your chance to keep your home and rebuild equity. Home values have been dropping in the San Diego area for the past several years. If your home is currently worth less than you owe on your first mortgage, you may be able to eliminate your second mortgage (and third if you have one) through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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