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Bankruptcy Can Help You Free Yourself from Debt

When debt becomes a constant worry in your life, your mental health can suffer, and life begins to seem bleak. Something needs to change. By calling the legal professionals at the Law Offices of Mark L. Miller in San Diego, you can begin the path to financial freedom by resolving concerns with creditors to take care of debt collectors for good.

With over 20 years spent helping thousands of clients in filing for bankruptcy, our legal team has the experience to help clients file for bankruptcy and experience the freedom that comes after leaving debt behind.

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Which Bankruptcy Solution is Right for You?

Did you know there are different ways to resolve outstanding debts? Depending on the assets in question, the avenues for filing for bankruptcy are suited to different needs, and they do not equally affect your credit score.

For financial relief, we can help our clients pursue:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy—In cases where there are severe amounts of consumer debt, the right option may be to consider completely eliminating debt by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. With this solution, all outstanding debts are wiped out, never needing to be repaid. This solution will immediately stop debt collectors from calling, and you’ll experience newfound freedom. Our legal team has helped thousands of clients to resolve their debts using this method.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy—For other cases large amounts of asset-related debt, the right option may be to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which functions similarly to debt consolidation, only without the potential for instability that is introduced when private companies offer their services. If your assets are no longer worth the monthly payments you still have to make, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a feasible solution to help you reduce payments, helping you avoid foreclosure or repossession.

How to Know Which Option to Pursue

Selecting the right solution to erase debt is important. The bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark L. Miller in San Diego, CA have extensive experience helping our clients obtain forgiveness for their debts. We offer free consultations to help people know what kind of assistance they may need, what it will cost, and how to get started.

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